Carnosine Rosa Day Cream

Rosa cream is rich in carnosine and CQ10. There are 100 mgs of each in every 50 ml cream. It also contains squalane, L-carnitine, vitamin E succinate and bioflavonoids. These nutrients support the restoration of collagen and elastin, (elastin fibers are responsible for the 'snap back' quality of young skin).

  • Restores the structure of tissue and reduces wrinkles
  • Regulates cell lifetime and speeds up cell division
  • Prevents premature cells necrotizing
  • Speeds up skin healing
  • Protects the skin and skin cells against damage by external factors such as UV radiation, free radicals, and airborne toxins
  • Superior anti-oxidation effects

The positive and rejuvenating effects of Rosa cream can be observed in a short time. It is well absorbed, can be used in the morning and at night time and is suitable for all skin types.