Carnosine Komplex (CK)

Carnosine is essential for building and maintaining good health at the systemic level. It repairs and normalises protein structures and repairs and regenerates receptors that may have become damaged or de-sensitised by the effects of internal and external stress. If protein structures become damaged then they can also malfunction.  

It is important to understand that carnosine does not treat diseases. However it repairs the system required to do the job of repair and regeneration and the time is takes to do this is relatively short, being around three to four months on average. You can compare this to recharging your car battery and servicing the engine before deciding what fuel you require and where you want to drive.

Contents of one 180mg vegetarian gel capsule: Carnosine 125mg, L-Carnitine 15mg, Vitamin E-succinate 15mg, Coenzyme Q10 15mg, OPC (Bioflavonoids) 10mg

120 capsules

Recommended daily dose is 2x capsules am & pm