The FAST Way to SLOW Down Ageing by Sheri Dixon

How would your life change if you could rewind your body clock?

The ageing process is inevitable. No one can escape it. However, dentures, aching joints, wrinkles, impaired hearing and eyesight can be prevented. 

If surgical lifts, injections or Botox and fillers are not for you, or have not produced the desired effects, this book may hold the key to some permanent solutions. 

In this book you will discover: The single cause of 95% of all health challenges; the miraculous effects of a little known anti-ageing nutrient discovered by the Russians over 100 years ago; how to prevent all of the leading causes of death; how to move from degeneration to regeneration; how to widen the gap between your chronological age and your biological age. 

Learn about the cutting edge field of Mitochondrial Therapy®. Be encouraged by authentic success stories. Take control of your health to ensure that the second half of your life is superior to the first.